Saturday, 14 May 2011


Some ideas for crime scene investigation style photo's of Elvis' wallet and its contents.

 This last one was my first idea, to have it all laid out in a clinical and structured way, but then I was so bored I with the results it made me want to weep alot. Then I stopped weeping and trashed my bedroom and above is the results.
I want to make my final outcome a large and high quality photo in this style, but don't quite know how to go about this in the studio. these are a few shots taken in my bedroom. Obviously the quality is a bit rubbish, but you get the idea.

Friday, 6 May 2011

JEEEEZ....theres some shit out there!!!

I was just listing my 'Elvis Dollar Notes' for sale on e-bay and I thought I would have a little looksee what the competition is like........this is what I found!

Sorry but if people can sell these disgusting excuses for graphic design/photo manipulation, then I should easily be able to shift copies of my hand illustrated notes.....Can't I?

Thats all.

Playing card designs.......



I have managed to come up with the KING and QUEEN card cdesigns so far and am pretty happy with them. I think the bottom two without the other detail should have good commercial value as prints in their own right.
And here is Jacko the Jack of Jacks


For my support module 'illustration with print making', The brief is to produce 3 playing card designs using either lino cut, dry point or mono-print methods. I have decided to stick with lino for all three end products. I have finally decided on a set of three picture cards in the style of victorian postage stamps. The cameo's themselves will be usable as saleable prints.

I thought I would do:

Elvis - King

Freddie Mercury - Queen

Michael Jackson - Jack

My first lino cut (below) is nice but I want a nice unified theme.

I've been looking for Elvis and Freddie prints and there isn't much out there
This is my favourite out of the one I could find. very different to what I am hoping for though
I also found a couple examples of Elvis and Freddie stamps, but neither are the kind of thing i am looking to do either!!

I would like to combine a cameo of the fellas in a 'Penny black' style but in a playing card context. I think it will work well with the kind of textures I can get with lino.

The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on 1 May 1840, for official use from 6 May of that year.
All London post offices received official issues of the new stamps but other offices throughout the United Kingdom did not, continuing to accept postage payments in cash only for a period. Post offices such as those in Bath, began offering the stamp unofficially after 2 May.

I am hoping to combine the stamp, music and playing card to produce as set of three picture cards in the above style.

ONE FOR THE MONEY....TWO FOR THE SHOW....THREE TO GET READY.........................

Crazy shapes from the King here!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"WHY ON EARTH DID YOU RIDE 20 MILES ON THE FIRST BIKE RIDE YOU'VE DONE IN 16 YEARS??" said a friends Mum. "COZ THE PLACE WE WENT WAS TEN MILES AWAY" says I through gritted teeth and tears of pain from my pulled back muscles and rather sore nether regions!!

 20 mile ''Town to Sea'' bike ride, following the path of the River Colne from Middleborough to Brightlingsea. 


 James Dodds again, taunting me with his flawless attention to detail at atmospheric use of black and white......"try and be even half as good as me" his artwork challenges me. Challenge accepted Doddsy me old mucker!!.


E for extremely gorgeous!

 Arlesford Creek

Pure sex on 2 wheels!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

''Elvis' Wallet''

Imagine the scene:

2am, a humid Sunday morning in Quiff, Tenessee, a tired and half cut detective stares misty eyed into his almost empty glass, what remains of his ice is quickly melting. He brings a hand up to his face and wipes the sleep from his eyes, before running it over his 5 day stubble. As he leans back in his favourite (only) chair the phone startles him from his reverie.
''2am on a Sunday? This better be good'' he says in a voice resigned to the paper work that always stems from a drunken brawl or such like.
'Body in a motel room? Natural causes? Then why the fuck are you ringing me?..........''waddaya mean: 'If Elvis wasn't dead before he sure is now'!!??''

32 minutes later at a cheap motel room on the outskirts of Quiff, where the highway meets the sky and leaves what would be called the suburbs in any respectable town behind, a group of harrassed looking and hardworking policemen are joined by our detective, half dressed, half awake and half cut.
"whats the deal McCarthy?" Says our detective
"Male, aged 76 according to his ID, overwieght, blue eyes, same date of birth as the King, name is an anagram of the Kings, hell, he even got the kings face, allbeit 40 years older".
Are you seriously telling me that THIS?...this guy, in THIS motel?..the kind of motel that aint for a coupla hours with your lady, but for the kind of folk down on thier luck, needing a cheap place to live 'till things look up a bit......who couldn't even wait a couple more years of his miserable life till the lord took him naturaly...your telling me that this is ELVIS FUCKING PRESLEY????!!!..................................Give me the damn wallet!!

For my semester 2 main project I have decided to do a graphic response to not one but a number of ways in which America has influenced me from an early age.

Included in this are:

                      The 'Film Noir' and 'Crime' genre in Film, television and literature

                      Conspiracy theories and theorists

                      Rock and Roll (without which there would be no rock!)

                      A healthy Capitalist outlook

My response ties them all neatly into a little wallet shaped bundle, with the help of some crime scene photography and a bit of atmospheric storytelling ;)

Item one: Bank notes from Elvis' wallet

A 1 Dollar note from his wallet
Elvis 'engraving' style illustration for the dollar bill

I have also designed Elvis a driving license and some business cards for his wallet. More to come (prescriptions, paper cutting, coupons, all with an elvis theme!)