Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"WHY ON EARTH DID YOU RIDE 20 MILES ON THE FIRST BIKE RIDE YOU'VE DONE IN 16 YEARS??" said a friends Mum. "COZ THE PLACE WE WENT WAS TEN MILES AWAY" says I through gritted teeth and tears of pain from my pulled back muscles and rather sore nether regions!!

 20 mile ''Town to Sea'' bike ride, following the path of the River Colne from Middleborough to Brightlingsea. 


 James Dodds again, taunting me with his flawless attention to detail at atmospheric use of black and white......"try and be even half as good as me" his artwork challenges me. Challenge accepted Doddsy me old mucker!!.


E for extremely gorgeous!

 Arlesford Creek

Pure sex on 2 wheels!!

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