Saturday, 26 March 2011

James Dodds.............JEEPERS!!

 Lino Cut
 Wood Cut
 Wood and Lino cut

A friend of mine sent me this link earlier in response to mine and Hannah's Lino Cut illustrations. I was vaguely aware of his work in the form of quirky local interest books, but had more or less forgotten about him whilst I have been trying to find a wood and lino cut artist locally that I think is awesome. I have now found (rediscovered) one!! His lines are so strong and definate, and the inverse white deatil on black shapes really helps with the power of these. I much prefere the 'inverse' effect in lino cuts, and had been aiming for that effect in most of my last lino cuts. I think I need to be more brave next time and maybe illustrate into the lino, taking into account the way it will work when printed, rather than transfering an image I have allready done onto the lino and cutting along the lines. I think it will translate better that way. I remember having certain issues, where something works fine in a line drawing, but when it came to turning that into a series of cuts and grooves, it just didn't translate.  
James Dodds also does books and paintings which are well worth a look.

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  1. I have a book, this artists illustrated in my office. Will show.