Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Meh!...............wish I was at Somerset House for 'Pick Me Up'

Because I can't go to Pick Me Up today I thought I'd take a little look at some of the artists showing their work there this year.


 I LOVE his tri-tonal simplicity in the above 3 pieces. Black/red/white is deffo a favourite of mine at the moment anyway, but i find myself being more and more drawn to the starkness and simplicity of designers/artists such as Burrill. Often a strong use of type (which I find a little daunting as a designer) and more often than not a use of simple geometric shapes.

Coming into Graphic Media as an illustartor and someone who had never consiously designed anything let alone used bold type and mathematical shapes as their design, I'm suprised at how i'm starting to be able to think along these lines if the brief calls for it.

This last Burrill Image is last years poster (and general design) for the look of the exhibition. It really worked on the very large scale, (on hoardings in the foyer and stairways as well as the courtyard) and in small scale on things such as post cards, mini guides etc..... I hadn't actually realised it was an Anthony Burrill design untill months afterwards though!!

(via Pick Me Up website) For his ten day studio residency at Pick Me Up designer Anthony Burrill has invited long-time collaborators to join him in creating new work across different media. In addition to various special guests, Burrill will hold a daily fanzine session where members of the public can participate in making collages which will later be photocopied into a zine. For the last two days of the fair, No Days Off will join Burrill in the studio to work on Top 40 which will see them using various collage elements to customize 40 charity shop-bought album sleeves. The finished sleeves will be offered as a raffle prize. Music and film will feature when video artists Paul Plowman and Zac Ella document the open studio and performances by Burrill’s band Sp├Ące Rock.
Entrance to the Open Studio is included in your Pick Me Up ticket.

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  1. I had no idea last year's Pick Me Up poster was by Burrill! I definitely know what you mean about the mathematical shapes. Since the class we had where we were shown the dot and the line etc I have a new found appreciation too!!