Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Fucking Great Big Cities that have sprung up out of nowhere!: Just look at these places. You have to bear in mind that these cities were just settlements, or townships as recently as 100 years ago, and have been built on optimism, with optimistic investments and the sweat and labour of immigrants hoping for a better life in America. Nowhere else in the world has such a large and powerful infrastructure been built in such a short time on nothing but a dream: The American Dream.

The Crime Movie: I can't imagine a world without such movies as Pulp Fiction and The usual suspects. The cinematography, crazy plots and mixed up timelines were somethings that spoke to me from my early teens. Going back earlier than the 90's to films like 'North By Northwest' and 'Cape Fear', it is the same mix of style and casual violence that makes the American Crime Thriller my favourite genre of film.

The Graphic Novel: There was a very low point in my life where the only reading and looking at artwork I did was in the form of the graphic novel/comic. Thank FUCK for the graphic novel I say!! It was Writers Like Ryan Carey and Warren Elliss and artists like Peter Gross and John cassaday that may have saved my life.........may? ok, they did! Many of the artists and writers I like are actually english/british, but they couldn't do what they do without the genre in general as it is.

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